Thursday, October 1, 2009


This is a squash called Delicata, it is a Summer squash, good flavor but kind of dry. This is about half of what I have picked this year.This is a picture of Sweet Meat Squash still in the garden. I picked about 40 from this double row. (25 plants)
Here is a picture of Autumn Gold Pumpkins, the kindergarden children will pick these in a few weeks.

This is one side of my Pumpkin Garden. It is a good view of the Indian Corn and the pumpkins.

This is a Blue Moon Pumpkin.
This is a Sweet Meat Squash.

This is a white pumpkin..

Here is my entire harvest of Sweet Meat Squash. A good crop this year. Last year I only picked five.

WHAT A PARTY !!!!!!!

First of all, thanks to everyone that came to my BIRTHDAY PARTY !!!!!!

The weather was pretty bad, it was rainy, muddy, windy and cold. But in spite of that everyone had a great time. Especially me.

There is not a better way to spend a BIRTHDAY than with family and friends !!!!! So next year, everyone plan on attending, you will really enjoy it.

Thanks to everyone for bringing food; we had soup, bread, salad from the garden, bread rolls, and Chantelle made a Tres Leche Cake. Thanks Chantelle it was yummy !!!!!

Thanks also for all the gifts, especially the homemade ones !!!! Thanks for the thought behind each and every gift.

At the end of the evening we had some fun with skits. Bryant and Missy’s skit was soooooo funny. We captured all of the skits on tape. So any of you that missed it can get a copy from one of us.

Thanks for all of you for commenting on my blogs too. Hopefully you will continue to check out my blogs. I should have more time to blog these days.

Here are a few pictures of some of the activities.

Sorry for all the pictures, but I needed to show you how much fun we had !!!!!!!
See you next year.