Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Flowers, Flowers, Flowers, Flowers and more Flowers

I hope you are ready to look at lots of tulips, here we go.

These tulips are so cute. This is there first year, they are kind of tiny.

This is a type of Lily. It blossoms kind of upside down.

This is a flower bed by the driveway.
It has been planted about three years.
This year it finally filled in and looks GREAT !!

Lots more daffodils, notice the lighting on this one.

Groups of tulips. This first group is Darwin tulips.
They were my Mothers' favorite.
She always told me to grow that varitey.
This is there second year, they have long stems and I think they are beautiful.

This group is 10 years old. Some people divide tulips but I never do.
They seem to be a little smaller, but I love the large groups.