Thursday, November 12, 2009


My Mother once told me "I am happiest when I am making something out of nothing." That statement really hit home with me, make something out of nothing. Today in our throw away world, we throw out more than we save. If you don’t believe me, just look at the garbage we throw out every week.

So this is Party Project #4. Make something out of nothing. You may use things that you would normally just throw away. Things that don't have a value or things you get free from someone, to recycle or rebuild into something else. The 'something' must be useful and cannot cost you a penny.

This project is to make something, not to just pick up something free and count it as a project. You must MAKE SOMETHING out of NOTHING !!!!!

You can make up to 10 items. Each item must be a different project. For example, if you are making flower boxes you can only make one, if you are making vases only one will be accepted.

Points will be disclosed at my January 2010 party.


This is for people attending my party in January.

Did you know if you use just 10 plastic grocery sacks each week that in one year that totals more than 500 bags? Sometimes my total is well over 10 per week. I thought ‘what a waste of energy’, so I decided to get greener. What I did was buy three ‘green’ bags to carry items, I spent less than $1 each for them and they are actually pretty cool. They don’t break like the cheap plastic sacks and they hold much more than a plastic sack does. They have a square bottom so they stand up straight, unlike the plastic sacks that tip over and spill your items all over your car.

HINT: After you use the bags for shopping, immediately place them back in your car, then you will have them ready next time you need them.

So here is party project number three. This competition starts today, November 12, 2009.

Buy and use ‘green bags’. You can buy them almost everywhere. Keep track on a calendar how many times you use them. But you can only count three times each week.

If you don’t like the green bag idea, then recycle your plastic bags. You will also get points for this but not as many as using green bags. You must document this too.

You have about seven weeks until the next party. So make each week count. Points will be disclosed at the party.