Saturday, April 4, 2009

Yes, I can cook.....this

First you prepare all the ingredients.
Black forest ham on the left, pepper jack cheese on the right.

Peppers on the left, tomatoes on the right.
Note: These are frozen peppers and tomatoes from last fall.
(I can't eat the tomatoes from the store)
I cleaned them, quartered them and put them in plastic containers, then froze them.
They are pretty good for salsa and omlets.

Three 'homemade eggs'. My friend Joan has chickens and she gave me these eggs. YUM !!!!

I mixed the eggs with a little pepper and salt, then poured them in a pan with a little canola oil.

Next, put the ham, cheese and peppers in.

Finished in the pan, it looks more like a pancake, but it's not !!!!!

This looks great, right? Well it tasted pretty good too.
The jam is Raspberry/Strawberry and the garnish is sprouts.

As many of you know, I really can't cook. I tell everyone that I have 8 recipes. Actually, I have 199 recipes on my recipe a week blog, that others have given me. I still need more, so please contribute!!! Check by recipe blog out here.